[[ Cat is on Ship, is left alone by slavers, is at least indirectly aware of her companions treatment if not made to watch their rape and abuse. has some camaraderie but is envied and isolated for being left alone. and being “special” ]]

Slaver ships is held at cannon point surrenders and allows boarding, cargo is “liberated”

Zak Surveys Bounty of slaver ship, Cat is led past by co-incidence, catches his eye

First meeting in Zak’s Quarters

Zak decides this one can be useful, discusses making use of her with XO in tub

Friends look down on cat, "Princess

Cat Has earned Zaks trust, begins training

Cat Convinces Zak to show some mercy of some sort or compassion

XO calls out Cat and or Zak, acting soft

XO and Cat Fight

Cat’s Friend “you monster”

Cat asks Zak, is this it, is this the scope of your ambition

[[ Zak has moments of doubt, afraid of the risks of pushing for an absolute empire. Too late to stop now, will be crushed if tries to settle, hunted if tries to flee, has to tackle the beast head on and claim victory by conquest. ]]

[[ Zak’s Plasma Sword duel with Emperor (I joke, but … oooh…) ]]


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